How to arrange the cutlery on the table

We pay attention to the correct arrangement of the table. Read how the utensils should stand.

Proper arrangement of cutlery on the table for a special event, family gathering or just for a regular dinner is a sign of the host’s style and manners. JOLI is a brand that emphasizes style and sophistication in all directions, not just in its napkins. Here we share with you some of the most important etiquette norms for ordering.

Arrangement of utensils - basic rules

Подредба на приборите – основни правила

Nowadays, there are quite a few variations of table arrangements according to the style of the event or the specificity of the menu. Here we offer the most staid option.

The first rule is that the forks should be on the left and the knives on the right, with the soup spoon on the side of the knives if there is one on the menu. If you are going to offer your guests a salad and a main course, the arrangement of the forks and knives is as follows: closest to the plate are the utensils for the main course, then those for the salad. After the knife for the salsa, as mentioned, you also put a spoon for the soup. You can place a large platter in the middle between the cutlery as it adds presence and wealth. You can place a salad plate in it, and the napkin can be either in the plate itself or on the side to the left of the forks. A matter of preference and consideration with the menu.

In the left corner you place a plate and a bread knife. In the right the glasses for water and wine. A cake fork and dessert spoon stand above the serving plate if you have the option for some other dessert dish.

And remember, the use of utensils starts from the outside in. Use this rule if you ever accidentally forget which salad fork and knife it is. We hope the information will serve to impress your guests at your next event.

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