About Us


“OREGONA INDUSTRY” Ltd. was established in 2013 in the town of. The company was founded in 2013 in Gotse Delchev with the aim of producing high quality products that contribute to creating a sense of comfort, convenience and style for its customers. Our core business is the production of napkins and kitchen rolls. Over the years Oregona Industries Ltd. and our brand JOLI has built a good name and impeccable reputation on the Bulgarian and European market as our team constantly strives to present our goals and message to a wider audience of consumers and partners.

Looking ahead

“Oregona Investments Ltd. has a constant eye on the future. We are looking for suitable partners who share our values and want to provide a sense of style, comfort and care to their customers. Our team is always ready to discuss cooperation opportunities.



Our products are distinguished by their unique design, customer care and sense of style. Through its extensive catalogue of napkins and kitchen rolls, Oregona Industries Ltd. strives to satisfy every taste. Our designers are always in step with the taste of our customers at every point where the JOLI brand is sold.



The company applies high technology in the field of automation in production and complex analysis of marketing data so that we can always advise our partners on the optimum product for their restaurant, hotel or shops, no matter how different they are. “Sense of style” and professionalism in every respect.


Key principles for the company are mutual trust and loyalty between us and our partners. We always give 100% of our strength in cultivating a successful partnership. The mission of “OREGONA INDUSTRY” Ltd. is not to sell you its products, but to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.


The company is the fruit of the efforts of a huge circle of professionals, full of youthful enthusiasm, discipline and the pursuit of excellence. In 2020, we are rebranding our JOLI brand with the message “Sense of Style”. With this, we want to inspire confidence and comfort to the users of our products on the one hand, and trust and prestige to our partners on the other.