5 Ideas for Napkin Rings

We present 5 cool suggestions for napkin rings. Standard and non-standard ideas await you.

Why use napkin rings?

Napkins and all related accessories serve to enhance the decoration of any special event. Napkin rings come in hundreds of varieties and are made from handmade materials, wood, plastic, metal and glass. This variety means that the possible combinations of ring and napkin are countless, and each event with these attributes will be unique. Napkin rings can be put on both cloth and paper napkins.

Decorative rings for napkins

This type of accessories serves as a prerequisite for a more broken atmosphere. We offer three options for decorative napkin rings.

Декоративен пръстен за салфетки

1. Decorative napkin ring

A simple and clean solution, suitable for different types of events with a less formal label. This decorative ring gives a sense of purity and symmetry.

2. Aggressive napkin ring

A combination of gentle and aggressive elements. With this item you hint to your guests that a crazy party is waiting for them.

Агресивен пръстен за салфетки
Пръстен за салфетки от цветя

3. Napkin ring made of flowers

Natural freshness and natural beauty. Flowers always deliver a lovely ambiance for all events, and this light combination can be used for informal as well as formal occasions.

Metal and glass napkin rings

Metal and glass rings are heavier in presence and are used in events of a formal nature such as weddings. In most cases they are plain and solid, and in places you may find ones with engraved names or additional elements. We show you two variants of this type of napkin rings.

Пръстен за салфетки със скъпоценен камък

4. Napkin ring with gemstone

This exquisite ring features a sapphire gemstone. Of course, if we were to use such rings for all the guests, the price would come out quite salty, but rings with decorative stone are also available in the market at a decent price. You just have to decide if it will suit your event and if it will sync with the rest of the decorations.

5. Glass napkin ring

It’s a combination of metal and glass rather than just glass, but the glass combined with the white colour creates a very clean and stylish setting.

Стъклен пръстен за салфетки

How to make a napkin ring yourself?

Making can be quite easy and enjoyable, and the resulting product can resemble those of decorative napkin rings. The most important thing is to choose the right base or the element that will hold the napkin. Some ideas for a base are a small plastic or metal bracelet or to string together pearls. For the decorative part you can let your imagination run wild. Use lace or a faux flower or any other item you can think of. You can glue or tape them. Whatever comes out will be unique.

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