New luxury napkins series – Art Napkins

We are proud to present JOLI's newest napkins series - Art Napkins
New Luxury napkin series Art Napkins

JOLI is a brand, for which innovation and integrating new products is second nature. We aim to offer napkins, produced with a sense of style and care for the family.
With great pleasure and honor we present our newest series of napkins – Art Napkins. This series combines art with a sense of style and modern production technology.

On the one hand, Art Napkins symbolizes the unique, the extravagant and harbors the concept for human individuality. Here you will find designs that distinguish themselves from the other series in JOLI’s portfolio.

On the other hand, Art Napkins combines the point-to-point technology, which give an extra volume to the product with the bigger napkin size of 40x40cm, until now reserved only for the Elegance series. The result are beautiful and stylish two ply napkins with an impressive design and quality make.

JOLI hopes that you find something for yourself in our newest series.

More about Art Napkins you can learn here.

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