Decor Napkins – contrast, variety and style

Explore Decor Napkins - Red Label and Black Label from JOLI's luxury napkins class.
Decor napkin series JOLI

Last time we introduced to you JOLI’s newest napkins series Art Napkins. Now, we will tell you about one of our already existing series Décor Napkins Red Label and Black Label.

Décor Napkins are produced in a 30pcs pack, using the point-to-point technology. It creates a more detailed make of the product as well as adding to its volume, so that one pack Décor Napkins is comparable in size to such that carry 60 pcs. As part of JOLI’s luxury class, these napkins are two ply and produced from 100% cellulose.

On the other hand, JOLI differentiates the two series. In Red Label you will discover saturated bright colors, expressing freshness and warmth. Black Label contains saturated dark colors, underlining style and elegance. Whatever you taste might be, Décor Napkins have something for you.

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